ALPACA Prices Reduced

As many of you know, Bob and I (Barb) started Hance Ranch as an Alpaca breeding and fiber operation in 1989.  That was one year after Bob's retirement from 35 years as a civil service employee.  You may also know that we have been trying for the past few years to reduce our operation. WHY?

Because we no longer have as much help from our son and his wife, due to their career choices; Bob's loss of sight in one eye; his diagnosis in February, 2006 of a weakened heart due to an infection; Barb's need to be tethered  to an oxygen tank since May 2006; and our bodies are trying to tell us we are not getting any younger.

Although our health problems are now stabilized (11-07), we are both still running on a short supply of energy and NEED to reduce our herd.  A "patio home" is more intriguing every day.

(02-22-08) Well we've had another kick in the ....  Bob went into the hospital 1-27-08 with a dreadful bellyache.  After 4 days they did surgery and found an upper intestine blockage, he spent another 6 days in the hospital recovering, and has been home since trying to get back on his feet.  He will need Vitamin B12 shots every month for the rest of his life. Our son, Ken and his wife, Mary as well as other friends and neighbors have been helpful with the care of the alpacas and llamas. Thank the good Lord for wonderful people.  

ALSO for the past 2 or more years we have been troubled by the possible loss of our farm, due to the Regional Transportation District "Gold Line" which is to parallel the Burlington Northern Train tracks that border the South line of our property, with the terminal about 1000 feet from our back door.  The "City" has dreams of making our 9.5 acres into a "Village" with shops and apartments.  Thus we have numerous reasons to reduce our animal numbers, if not sell out totally! 10-8-10 RTD says it is now only 3 years from project start. (10-15-12) RTD now has made their price offer and will be taking about 2 acres, may be as soon as 1 to 3 months before that start scraping and digging. (3-2-13) RTD has purchased about 2.8 acres at the South end of our ranch and has it fenced off for equipment use  to complete the Gold Line.  They still need to remove 4 apple trees our big shed and move our irrigation ditch.

7-09...  Our health is pretty stable at this point, but Barb has a need for more oxygen since the warm weather has set in.  We also find that our helpers are really needed, and we are blessed that we have them. Ken helps clean up every weekday afternoon and we have a couple on Saturday mornings, and a lady who gives us a hand most Sundays and some other days if we have extra work, like teeth and toenail, micro chips, etc.  As you can see Bob & I can no longer be the only caretakers of the @ 70 alpacas here! (3-2-13) Ken & Mary are moving to Tucson, AZ- (job move) Ken has been there mostly since 2-1-13, Mary will go as soon as we can get to a point where we can handle the ranch - healthier or sold out or hired help. We are hoping to be able to move there also before September 2013

3-10 Barb had an episode of heart arrhythmia and spent a weekend in the hospital. After 2 months and 3 different medications she is now on heart meds for the rest of her life. 6-10 Barb had "Mohs" surgery for a skin cancer (carcinoma) on her left temple -8 hours!  Then 5 radiation treatments a week for 6 weeks at St. Joseph hospital - finished 8-27-10.  She has hair loss behind the ear, which will probably not re-grow.   A small strip of hair has grown back.  (6-12) Radiologist has released her, the Dermatologist is still keeping track.  (3-2-13) Now on meds for inflamed sciatic nerve causing lots of back, butt and leg pain.

10-15-12 Since Bob was hospitalized in Nov, 2011 to remove the edema in his legs, Ken & Mary have been needed to help us 7days a week in the morning, Bob & Barb struggle to do the chores in the afternoon. We have extra help from the lady who boards her alpacas with us on Sunday mornings. (2-21-13) Bob had a defribulator & pacemaker installed, Docs don't know if the pacemaker will be any help yet, but if his heart quits, it will give a big kick start.

8-24-13 Bob's pace-maker is giving him less edema so more energy.  Barb still troubled with siatic nerve - leg and back pain livable but not able to move much.  Ken (2-13) & Mary (3-13) moved to Tucson, AZ and AJ spent the summer with them, he's now back to his 3rd year at Western State, Gunnison , CO. We had a wonderful lady show up wanting to help and she is a great worker, reliable, eager, loves the pacas and is helping us full time.   Our good neighbor, Char still helps us out mornings and also does Doctor trips if Barb can't drive.  Bob & Barb do about enough work to take care of maybe five alpacas.  We sincerly need to find homes for our beloved critters.

11-11-14 Bless our Veterans! 

 Bob died from heart & kidney failure on September 11 after a month of hospital, rehab, hospital and 9 days in hospice.  He was ready and alert until the last day. I have a great neighbor and a Gal who has been taking care of us and our pacas & llamas.  Working on a possible sale. Still hoping to go to Tucson with my son and wonderful daughter-in-law. AJ will graduate from Western State this year.

3-15-15 - Bob’s memorial was November 26, 2014, and about 100 wonderful folks came to share with us.  Bless all of you who sent prayers and good wishes.

What a Saga!  Golden Years???


We have reduced our prices.

Please take a look - maybe you can find:

that special color you want;

one or more females;

that possible future herd sire;

a companion animal or two;

how about a couple of fiber males?;

4H animals for your youngsters;

maybe a couple of alpacas to hug;

or some reasonably priced animals to replace all of those you have sold this year.

We are in the mood to find good homes so free might be an option.

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