Wheat Ridge Colorado   11-14

We need to reduce our herd size, because of:  lack of space; our chief helpers are busy with careers; and because  Bob deceased in September 2014, & Barb was 79 in August. I am starting to be pestered by the medical problems of retirement age, along with the aches and pains.  You make up the package you like and let us make a deal for you.



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          Suri Females  For Sale   






Aarden1058.jpg (209556 bytes)


AARDEN      $800

9-07 SIRE: Sedoso's Rigel DAM: Ms. Aspen

Dark Brown, fine locks with very good luster.

Heydi9-02.jpg (34148 bytes)


HEYDI DE ORO    $200

10-98 SIRE: El Idolo de Oro, DAM: Eydi. 

Light fawn, soft lustrous, typy locks.             

Hygia&Mom.jpg (452239 bytes)


HYGIA    $900

6-08  SIRE: Sedoso's Rigel DAM: Heydi De Oro

Incredible locks & luster on a solid Light Fawn young lady.

Kino.jpg (150400 bytes)


KINO     $200

9-03, SIRE: USA Chinook, DAM: Ms. Aspen.

Very lustrous, fine, pencil locks in Medium Brown.

A sweetie!

Kipu_2_1-17-01.jpg (20707 bytes)


KIPU                  $600

12-00 SIRE: Maximus   DAM: Gabriela  

White, exceptional growth, very silky, fine pencil locks, with super luster.



merci.jpg (14141 bytes)   


MERCI       $500

10-00, SIRE: Premio DAM: Hanna  

Super locks, great luster, dark brown.   

Monnic.jpg (189544 bytes)


MONNIC            $2000      SOLD

6-09 Sire: Sedoso's Rigel; Dam: Merci

Fine Lt. Fawn fiber in small tight locks with lots of lustre.

MsAspen.jpg (17802 bytes)   msAspen2.jpg (13793 bytes)


MS. ASPEN      $200

12-95, CHILEAN 

Dark brown , fine locks   

summer.jpg (25719 bytes)



6-97, SIRE: Pp. Aldo, DAM: Pp.Carita. 

White, great lock structure with lots of luster. 

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     Buy 2 discount 15%   - 3 discount 20%  4 or more discount 25%



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